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Raoul Wallenberg: A letter to the grandfather July 6, Haifa
Letters and Dispatches 1924-1944, Arcade Pub. 1995, New York


July 6, 1936
Dear Grandfather!

I've received both your letters, and I thank you very much.

You mustn't lose sight of one thing, and that ist that I may not be particulary suited for banking at all. Do you think, for example, that you would have thought me capable of assuming your mantle in this area if I were not your grandson?

Architecture is an entirely different matter. I have an aptitude for that profession; I have been interested in it my whole life, and ever since my elemetary school day's, I've been running around all the building sites in Stockholm, looking around and making friends with the engineers. To tell you the truth, I don't find myself very bankerish ... My temperament is better suited to some positive line of work than to sitting around saying no.